Background Colors

We have a few background colors that can be used in various contexts. These are not for use as the entire page background but instead for specific components and modules on the page.



Button styles can be applied to any element. Typically you'll want to use either a <button> or an <a> element:

<button class="btn btnDefault">Click</button>
<a class="btn btnDefault" href="">Don't click</a>

If your button is actually a link to another page, please use the <a> element, while if your button performs an action, such as submitting a form or triggering some javascript event, then use a <button> element.

Button Sizes

There are three 3 sizes for buttons: Large, medium (default) and small. Simply apply the size modifier class for the desired size. There is also an additional modifier that will make the button take the full width of the container. It may be used with the any of the button size and style modifiers.

Button Modifier Class
btn btnDefault btnLrg
btn btnDefault
btn btnDefault btnSml
btn btnDefault btnFullWidth

Button Styles

Button Class Description
btn btnDefault This is what buttons look like, this is the go to button style.
btn btnPrimary Use this button as the primary call to action
btn btnDanger This button is for delete actions, these actions should also have a confirmation dialog
btn btnDisabled I'm afraid I can't let you do that, yet.